Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow: An Edgier Cold War

Jennifer Lawrence Red Sparrow

Tomatometer: 47% Audience Score: 52% IMDb: 6.6  Coming in with a 140-minute running time, Red Sparrow is a pretty long movie by most standards. It’ll surely test the patience of most of you, but some of its more prevalent themes will keep you engaged because they’re equal parts engrossing and horrifying. Jennifer Lawrence leads the […]

Margot Robbie in Terminal: Pattern of Crazy

margot robbie terminal promotional photo

Tomatometer: 21% Audience Score: 41% IMDb: 5.2  Margot Robbie in Terminal sees her continuing a pattern. She appeared as the infamous Harley Quinn in 2016’s Suicide Squad, and she’s expected to reprise the role with Suicide Squad 2, a Harley Quinn/Joker film, along with a standalone movie. In most regards, her appearance as an assassin […]

5 Reasons to Watch Life of the Party (2018)

reasons to watch life of the party starring Melissa McCarthy

Tomatometer: 38% Audience Score: 45% IMDb: 5.5  The consensus about Life of the Party is that Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone should stop working together. His last few collaborations with his wife have been panned by critics and ordinary moviegoers alike. The latest movie falls into the same category, but there are some reasons to […]