Not So Rotten is a movie review website that focuses on films that have opened to mixed or negative criticism. Basically, movies with a “Rotten” consensus on Rotten Tomatoes. For a movie to be deemed “Rotten”, the collective score for a movie’s approval rating will be 59% or lower on the website.

The idea for Not So Rotten stems from the premise that a movie is not inherently good or bad. Taste is subjective, and you may have heard the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” (I hope that’s the one).

When it comes to a movie with highly positive reviews, there is already plenty of buzz and reason to go watch it. But when a film gets shit on by the critics, people are wary of going to the multiplex for a look. It wouldn’t be fair to let a single website and the collective voice of film critics to act as arbiters and gatekeepers preventing you from watching a film, just because its value was boiled down to a numerical percentage.

This website tries to level the playing field as much as it can, by finding the good in the supposedly bad.

In some instances, you’ll find reviews of films that audiences hate but critics love, so in such scenarios, we’re simply trying to persuade general movie-goers to give a film a second chance.

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