Reasons to Watch Van Helsing (2004) – An 1800s James Bond

hugh jackman in van helsing 2004 movie

A shorter article as opposed to a review, giving reasons to watch Van Helsing by drawing comparisons to other mainstays in popular film culture. Tomatometer: 23% Audience Score: 57% IMDb: 6.1  Without much trouble, I will say that Van Helsing was a difficult watch. It was disappointing given my recent interest in mythical creatures and […]

Pyewacket Movie Review: Horror of Our Actions

nicole munoz in pyewacket

Tomatometer: 85% Audience Score: 55% IMDb: 5.7 This is one of those instances where critics are generally fond of a movie, but it’s the audience that requires a little convincing to watch Pyewacket.  We wish for a lot of things at times, and usually, those wishes during difficult times may be quite undesirable. Wishing your mother […]

Marrowbone Movie Review – Haunted by the Past

george mackay in marrowbone

Tomatometer: 46% Audience Score: 58% IMDb: 6.6  To compare Marrowbone to other films would be to give away its twisted final act. If it were the first of its kind, it would be critically lauded for contorting your psyche and leaving you sick in the stomach. But it isn’t novel because predecessors have melded fantasy […]

The Many Shades of Tom Cruise in The Mummy

Tom Cruise The Mummy

Tomatometer: 15% Audience Score: 35% IMDb: 5.5 SPOILERS AHEAD!!!  As an ardent fan of Tom Cruise’s movies, it didn’t take much for me to like the new reboot of The Mummy as part of Universal’s Dark Universe. It manages to tick off some checkboxes of the Brendan Fraser trilogy, maintaining a relatively light step while […]

Winchester Movie Review (2018) – Helen Mirren’s Horror

Winchester movie review poster with Helen Mirren

Critics: 10% Audience: 39% IMDb: 5.3 Winchester details the story of Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren), the heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company following the death of her husband. Having also lost her daughter as an infant, she locks herself up in her San Jose mansion, a labyrinthian piece of architecture where the construction never […]

I Know What You Did Last Summer Review

I Know What You Did Last Summer poster

Critics: 35% Audience: 40% IMDb: 5.7 I Know What You Did Last Summer starts with the festivities of the Fourth of July, with four high school seniors ready to embark on the next stage of their lives. Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and her boyfriend Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr), and Helen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and her […]

Annabelle Review (2014) – Chucky’s Girlfriend

annabelle review and movie poste

Critics: 29% Audience: 36% IMDb: 5.4 Serving as a prequel to 2013’s The Conjuring, Annabelle tries to set up the mythology surrounding an unlikely highlight of the 2013 film, a vintage porcelain doll that the Lorraines (the supernatural investigators of The Conjuring) investigated before handling the main haunting of that film, the farmhouse from hell. […]