The Little Hours is charmingly irreverent

Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, and Kate Micucci in The Little Hours

Critics Score: 78% Audience Score: 48%, IMDb: 5.8 Don’t you love watching a charmingly irreverent movie? Not “charming yet irreverent” or “irreverent yet charming,” but “charmingly irreverent.” The Little Hours fits into this very niche description, creating a rather endearing impression despite (or rather because of) the lewdness, crassness, and coarseness running through it. We’re […]

Little Monsters (2019) Review: An unevenly funny zombie flick

little monsters 2019 review

Critics Score: 81%, Audience Score: 100% (but only 9 ratings), IMDb: 6.3 It’s extremely strange watching a film with kids that isn’t made for kids. It’s strange because Little Monsters tries to toe the line between being an edgy zombie flick and a feel-good romantic comedy, loaded with an entire ensemble of kindergarten children. At […]

The Package Review – When Penis Jokes Work

the package 2018

Tomatometer: 50% Audience Score: 54% IMDb: 5.5 Coming from the director who gave us Will Ferrell’s Step Brothers, we immediately get a sense of what’s coming in The Package. A big, warm, emotional core surrounded by a sea of juvenile crassness. But this is why it succeeds. Unlike other entries such as American Pie, The […]

The Kissing Booth Review: Necessary Discomfort

joey king in the kissing booth

Tomatometer: 13% Audience Score: 68% IMDb: 6.3   Perfect Audience Teens and pre-teens Parents keen on going into cardiac arrest Perfect Occasion Netflix and don’t chill, because the movie will raise concerns about sexual interactions right after   I was thoroughly uncomfortable watching Netflix’s The Kissing Booth. I wasn’t the target demographic, and it can be […]

5 Reasons to Watch Life of the Party (2018)

reasons to watch life of the party starring Melissa McCarthy

Tomatometer: 38% Audience Score: 45% IMDb: 5.5  The consensus about Life of the Party is that Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone should stop working together. His last few collaborations with his wife have been panned by critics and ordinary moviegoers alike. The latest movie falls into the same category, but there are some reasons to […]

Walter Mitty Review: Ben Stiller Engineers a James Thurber Classic for Modern Audiences

Walter Mitty review photo with Ben Stiller

This isn’t the only Walter Mitty review. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a Critics Score of 51% and Audience Score of 70%. IMDb gave the film a 7.3 out of 10. Guest Post by Mellisa Pascale Everyone daydreams, but probably not as well as Walter Mitty. Mitty first appeared in a 1939 issue of The New […]