Margot Robbie in Terminal: Pattern of Crazy

margot robbie terminal promotional photo

Tomatometer: 21% Audience Score: 41% IMDb: 5.2  Margot Robbie in Terminal sees her continuing a pattern. She appeared as the infamous Harley Quinn in 2016’s Suicide Squad, and she’s expected to reprise the role with Suicide Squad 2, a Harley Quinn/Joker film, along with a standalone movie. In most regards, her appearance as an assassin […]

Crooked House Review (2017) – Why You Should Watch It

Crooked House review post and cast photo

Tomatometer: 58% Audience Score: 60% IMDb: 6.3 For starters, Agatha Christie is the bomb. After being alive for 23 years, I regret not picking up a single one of her books. But then, I was never much of a reader, to begin with. Christie’s 1949 novel is adapted this time around with a cast of […]

Inconceivable Review (2017) – Why You Should Watch It

Gina Gershon, Nicki Whelan, and Nicolas Cage for the movie Inconceivable

Tomatometer: 30% Audience Score: 69% IMDb: 5.3 With only ten reviews in, Inconceivable doesn’t have enough feedback to warrant a rotten or mixed consensus. But still, the fact that only ten critics bothered to put up a review on Rotten Tomatoes is an indicator of the disdain for the movie. That being said, our Inconceivable review will […]

The Village Review (2004): Old-School Love

Movie poster of the 2004 movie The Village

Tomatometer: 43% Audience Score: 57% IMDb: 6.5 Night Shyamalan was, for a certain part of this millennium, treated as a notorious failure, someone who rose to the top on the back of an anomalous success and continued to make one dud after the other. One of those duds, according to most critics and even audience […]